Shatter the Limits of Connectedness

Enable application to access and process data over WAN

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What is your Opportunity Cost of Time?

Expedite value creation by eliminate time waste


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Accelerate M&E Post-production Workflows

- Globally federated name-space with real-time access to content 

- Leverage elastic, scalable compute in the cloud 

- Maintain security controls over content 

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You don't have to migrate data, but if you must --- Vcinity moves data 10X faster

Move any data over any WAN at sustained throughput of 90% at any latency

Enabling a true Hybrid Cloud

Make compute decision independent of data location

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WAN Inefficiencies are a Thing of the Past

Accelerate Value Creation

Powered by Vcinity Data Access Platform (VDAP)

It's all about access to data. Whether data must be migrated or it is optimal to process data in-place, VDAP disposes of the need to make the decision ahead of time. VDAP migrates data 10X faster, but also enables applications to access and process data in place over WAN.

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When we first heard of Vcinity’s claim that it makes remote data access over global distances work as if it was done over the LAN, we asked them for a demo to prove it. Even then, we all had the same reaction of disbelief, so we carried out our own validation testing. Vcinity’s fast data access at consistent performance levels is well suited for collaborative data-intensive applications over a WAN without using the traditional copy/move/store paradigm.

— Steve Duplessie ESG’s Founder and Senior Analyst

Data collection means nothing if it cannot be accessed, analyzed, and acted upon in real time. Our customers need the ability to access information instantly from data centers around the world. Vcinity offers a unique technology that is a game changer for industries across the spectrum.

— Terry L. Smith Senior Director, Penguin Computing’s Advanced Solutions Group

For our Media and Entertainment clients, the Vcinity Ultimate X solution allows video producers to edit remote content across any distance as if it were local to their desktop. Editors are no longer required to replicate content at multiple locations, avoiding redundant copies of the content, leading to dramatic storage efficiencies as well as improved control and security

— Noboru Aoki Strategic Marketing Manager of Core Microsystems Co., Ltd

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